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Infudopa SubC©

Infudopa SubC© is a levodopa-carbidopa solution designed for treatment of PD-patients suffering from moderate or severe on-off symptoms. Infudopa SubC© is administered through long-term continuous subcutaneous infusion using a small belt-pump. Infudopa SubC© is suitable as a monotherapy for outpatients.

Features of Infudopa SubC©:

  • The levels of both levodopa and carbidopa in the blood are even throughout the day, which is advantageous when treating on-off symptoms caused by long-term intermittent administration of levodopa (through intake of levodopa tablets). The bioavailability of levodopa is high and the concentration of levodopa in the blood at continuous subcutaneous infusion is high enough making Infudopa SubC© suitable for treatment also of the most demanding patients suffering from severe PD.

  • The bioavailability of carbidopa is high, which prevents metabolization of levodopa in the systemic circulation. The content of the toxic by-product hydrazine is low.

  • The uptake of both levodopa and carbidopa in the plasma is fast when subcutaneous infusion is started up. Therefore, the continuous treatment may be started up in the morning enabling the patient to rest at night without being connected to any infusion solution. A bolus dose – adapted to each patient’s need – may be given in the morning in order to speed up the build-up of the levodopa concentration in the blood, giving therapeutic effect. A bolus dose may as well be given at any time during the day should the patient need additional dopamine at e.g. sports activities.

  • Infudopa SubC© has been design to minimise skin related adverse effects like noduli.

  • The shelf life is 24 months refrigerated. The long shelf life is an advantage from a logistic point of view.

  • The shelf life is at least 3 months in room temperature, which simplifies the patient’s handling at travel.

Infudopa IntraV©

Infudopa IntraV© is a levodopa-carbidopa solution designed for treatment of in-patients, experiencing an off-condition, through intravenous injection. Infudopa IntraV© is also suitable for short-term continuous intravenous infusion at e.g. perioperative treatment.