Gothenburg, Sweden, September 13, 2023 – Dizlin Pharmaceuticals AB, a research-based pharmaceutical development company with focus on diseases of the central nervous system, has presented efficacy data from the IPO-001 pharmacokinetic cross-over study comparing Infudopa SubC (DIZ102), Infudopa IntraV (DIZ101), and LCIG (Duodopa) at the International Congress of Parkinson´s Disease and Movement Disorders in Copenhagen, August 27-31.

As reported in a previous paper, pharmacokinetic data from a cross-over trial comparing Infudopa SubC® (DIZ102) (levodopa plus carbidopa administered subcutaneously), Infudopa IntraV® (DIZ101) (levodopa plus carbidopa administered intravenously), and LCIG (Duodopa®) (levodopa plus carbidopa administered intestinally) in 18 patients with Parkinson´s disease revealed the three treatments to produce similar plasma levels of levodopa during a 16h infusion; in contrast, plasma carbidopa levels were higher with Infudopa SubC and Infudopa IntraV than with LCIG (Bergquist et al, Neurology 2022: 99: e965-e976).

Efficacy data from the same trial have now been reported as a poster at the International Congress of Parkinson´s Disease and Movement Disorders in Copenhagen August 27-31 – Bergquist et al, Motor function in Parkinson’s disease during 16h treatment with intravenously(DIZ101), subcutaneously (DIZ102), or intestinally (LCIG) infused levodopa.

The participants of the study had been video-recorded at baseline and at five different occasions while performing tasks from the motor examination part of the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS); these recordings were subsequently evaluated by raters blinded with respect to treatment. In addition, motor function was measured using a wrist-worn device monitoring bradykinesia, dyskinesia, and tremor (Parkinson KinetiGraph®).

Neither of the assessments suggested inferior efficacy of Infudopa administered subcutaneously or intravenously as compared to LCIG administered intestinally.

“It should be underlined that efficacy was not a primary effect parameter of this study, and that the trial was not designed to detect subtle differences in this regard”, says Björn Velin, CEO of Dizlin Pharmaceuticals. “Nevertheless, we are highly encouraged by the observation that there was no tendency for inferior symptom reduction with Infudopa SubC or Infudopa IntraV as compared to LCIG, the latter being the golden standard for advanced levodopa treatment in patients with Parkinson´s disease and experiencing motor fluctuations when on oral levodopa. Obtaining similar efficacy as with LCIG, but with a non-invasive route of administration, as with Infudopa SubC, would be a major step forward with respect to the treatment of this disabling condition”.

“The outcome shows that subcutaneous administration of a continuously buffered levodopa solution could be a feasible technique to safely and rapidly obtain high and stable levodopa levels in patients with Parkinson´s disease”, says principal investigator Filip Bergquist, MD, senior consultant in neurology and professor of pharmacology.

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